Message from our Pastor,

As we all know the events surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic are very fluid. The Staff and I have been discussing what our next response should be. I have made contact with our deacon body and so far those who have responded are in agreement that we should suspend all public meetings for the next two weeks starting with tonight’s meetings. This includes services, Bible studies, meetings and so on.

Here’s the plan. At 10:30 Sunday morning we will have ONE single service and online church.

‣     If you have liked the “Parkland Ministry Page” on Facebook just jump on there and join us. Please say hi in the comments section so we know you are there. If you feel comfortable meeting in person then 10:30 am is your time.

‣     If you have not liked it please look it up and like it.

‣     We will be sharing it like normal on the website and email also.

The last five years I have taught our church that the church is not the building and it’s not something we do, it’s who we are. We are the church. So even though this is a major adjustment for this season it doesn’t mean that the church is suspended. I am reminded of the first century church and all they dealt with. History shows us that these are the moments that the church flourished and influenced.

The church is still alive and well and responding to the current circumstances. You can be the church in a lot of ways.

‣     You can check on those who are most vulnerable and staying in.

‣     If they need something picked up and delivered to them we can help.

‣     If someone has a need please help them or let us know.

‣     I have asked our deacons to keep checking in on the folks on their ministry list.



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Church Contact

Feel free to contact us for further information, questions about anything you see on the website, or for prayer requests. Thanks and have a blessed day!