Aaron Boydstun

Aaron Facilitates three (3) 20 something groups! They always have games and food. The Study is relevent and timely! Send Arron a question about class


Wayne Boydstun

this Tuesday morning Bible study is taught by our lead pastor and they are beginning a study on the letter to the Ephesians! this group is open to anyone avaliable to attend. Send Pastor Wayne a note.


Wayne Boydstun

An environment where people can explore faith and experience community. Like...

¨ People who are reconnecting with God  after being away from church for a while.

¨ People who are not sure about God or the Bible and want a safe place to discuss  spiritual issues.

¨ People who have recently started a relationship with God.

 Send Wayne a message


Jerry Hall

This class is a traditional Sunday Morning Bible study and they are studing the "Explore the Bible" series, which will take them chapter by chapter through the Bible.  Contact Jerry Here


Barry Kelley

This mens class meets on Wednesdays and is currently studing "Abraham" by Gene Getz if you would like information contact Barry Kelley


Vicki Kelley

Vicki Kelley's Class meets on Wednesday nights and they are currently studing "Adorned" by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth - Living out the beauty of the gospel together. Vicki would love to talk to you about this class EMAIL


Linda Klingensmith

Linda's class meets on Friday mornings and they are currently studying "Breakaway" by Andy Stanley... if you would like more info EMAIL Linda


Roy Martin

This Group meets Sunday nights and they are studying "Follow" by Andy Stanley.  Contact the group leader by EMAIL


Roy Martin

This Class meets on Wednesdays and they are studying "Spiritual Gifts" contact them by EMAIL


Jeneane Tatum

The is a traditional Sunday Morning Ladies Group and they are studying "Explore the Bible" series, which walks through the Bible Chapter by Chapter. EMAIL


Amanda Kamuf

This Group meets on Monday Mornings at 8:30 a.m. EMAIL