Isaac Ancira

This group meets at 2901 N. Main at Isaacs motorcycle shop. They meet on Sunday mornings at 9am every Sunday morning. They are doing amazing things and are baptizing new believers. God bless this group. If motorcycles are your thing and you want to get to know some guys while getting to know Jesus, this is the place for you.


Thurman Fullerton

This is a mens group that meets at 9am on Sunday mornings before our 1030am service kicks off. If that is the best time for you to join in on a bible study please come and join them as they study the scriptures.


Richard Jackson

This is an open mixed group that meets at 9am on Sunday mornings. If that time best fits your schedule please feel free to come and join in on the study. Thanks!


Jeneane Tatum

Jeneane leads a group of senior adult ladies on Sunday mornings at 9am. If you are a senior adult lady she would love for you to join her and her group!


Aaron & Amanda Boydstun

Aaron and Amanda are married. Aaron is our student pastor and he leads an adult small group on Sunday evenings at 4pm at the church. They are a group of married couples ages 25-35 but are open to young adults and married couples.


Wayne and Kenda Boydstun

Senior Pastor Wayne leads this class for those who are investigating Christianity, are in a new relationship with Jesus Christ, or have some church experience but have been away for a while. It's a 10 week conversational small group that meets on Sundays at 4pm at Parkland.


Barry and Vicki Kelly

This is an empty nesters group that meets on Sunday evening at 4pm. If you have kids but they are moved out of the house, this group is full of people in that same stage of life. Feel free to join in.


Roy Martin

Roy leads Financial Peace University every fall that lasts about 9-11 weeks and they meet at the church. He is willing to do it more than once a year if there is enough interest. If you are looking to get control of you finances, this is for you. Call the office and let us know if you want to join.


Ben Rainey

Ben leads a group of parents with kids at 4pm on Sunday nights. If you have kids and are somewhere between 20-40 years old and Sundays are a good time for bible study, they would love for you to join them.


Wayne Boydstun

Currently we have about 20-25 people attending this 930am bible study. It is open to anyone that wants to join. We are currently working through Daniel and Revelation. Hope to see you there!


Liz Fredericks


Liz is a liscensed councelor and well respected member here at Parkland Baptist Church who has generously volunteered her knowledge and time to help people cope with the loss of a loved one. If that sounds like something that would be beneficial to you, please come and join her and her group at 6:30pm on Wednesday Nights.


Vicki Kelley

This is our womens group that meets Wednesdays at 630pm. There is a lot of fun energetic and godly women in this group that would love to walk with you on your jouney with the Lord.


Justin Moore

Justin leads a group of parents in their 30's at 6pm Wed. nights at the church. If you have kids and are anywhere from 20-40 years old they would love for you to join them.


Keith Sacane

Keith is one of our deacons and he leads this mens bible study at 630pm on Wednesday nights. His goal is to see men reengage in bible study and return to being spiritual leaders in the Church and in the home. If you are a man of any age, pleas come join Keith and the guys, they would love to have you!!


Linda Klingensmith

Linda leads a small group 9am on Friday mornings for single ladies. IF that is you, they would love for you to join.